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Use these tools to create a successful seating plan for your events 

When it comes to successful networking, where attendees sit matters.

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Perfect Table Plan

This is a basic platform that provides planners with templates of every possible type of seating layout. It enables the user to:
Experiment with table shapes and sizes. 
Assign seats automatically or by drag and drop.
Manage guest details, RSVPs, meal choices and preferences.
Print elegant floor plans, seating charts, place/escort cards and other stationery.


This platform that enables planners to conduct virtual site inspection that gives them access to 3D images of the actually event space they will be using. Through this tool they can tailor the seating arrangements to their exact needs and see what it would look like in real space rather than a 2D rendering.

Krowden (formerly NetworkTables)

This site offers topic based matchmaking software for events that attendees can use to manage where they will be and sit throughout an event.
Roundtable Seating: Show attendees an overview of tables & who is attending to let them book their seats strategically.
1 on 1 Meetings: Show your attendees their best matches & generate a perfect meeting time-schedule with our algoritm. 
Session Booking: Attendees fill their personal schedule with sessions pre-event and get insights on who else is attending.
Community Platform: Your members receive a magic-link to attend multiple events with literally 1 click & connect all year round.

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Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

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