Potato, Patahto

When it comes to choosing event management technology, suppliers and vendors must peel away the jargon to get to a place where they can have a serious conversation about the real issue.

The Clock is Ticking

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd that focuses on environmental protection. It started in 1970 as a way to raise awareness about the environment and has grown into a large global movement. Earth Day is now celebrated in over 193 countries by an estimated 1 billion people. According to the UN Climate Chief, we need an effort of that magnitude.

Can’t Miss, Must to Avoid

I had started to write this column about how some natural phenomena are perfect to build a viewing party around. Then suddenly my apartment in New York City began shaking under the effect of a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that shook a large part of the northeast.

The Tipping Point

This is a true story about tipping gone wrong that happened to me long ago at the beginning of my career. It taught me a hard lesson about who to tip and who not to.

Left Holding the Bag

Where has that army of service workers that used to staff hotels gone?

A Personal History of Public Violence

Could the shooting at the Kansas City Super Bowl celebration have been prevented? The short, tragic answer is no.

Party Like It’s 1989. Or ’79, or ’69, or…

Snail mail, the post office, going to the library to find information — guess who's longing for that? Turns out more people than you'd think.

The Power of Mentorship

Having a mentor can be incredibly valuable for both full- and part-time planners, across various stages of their careers.

Future Tense

As we begin the new year it's natural to look forward to the future. Right now there are a number of issues on the horizon that are causing concern for a lot of people. One of the biggies is the emergence of AI and the effect it will have on the workplace.

Blast Off?

Now, this is what I call a high-end incentive.  Space Perspective, the world's first and only carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, is on a mission to make space travel accessible to more people than ever before.

Can Your Attendees Pack a Week’s Wardrobe in a Carry-On?

Here are seven packing tips planners can send their attendees to help them to fit everything they'll need for the event into one carry-on. Come to think of it, planners should follow these tips as well.


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