It’s a Wonderful Life — But is it Good Business?

Sure It’s a great movie and George Bailey is a wonderful character. But is he a good businessperson? Or even a good manager?

That’s Entertainment?

One night last week I went to the movies. The night before, I went to a live theatrical performance. The first night I saw Jimmy Carr, a British comedian, perform at Carnegie Hall. The next night I saw a 4DX screening of a movie made about, 20 years ago called, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It […]

“It Felt Like I Was In A Movie.”

How many of us have had experiences that made us say those words when we were sharing the incident with other people? I’ll bet it’s a lot. Sometimes, they’re good movies: “I just closed the biggest deal of my career!” Sometimes, they’re bad movies: “My car got broadsided and tipped over!” Last week, I had […]

Dealing With the Boss From Hell

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” That line is one of the most famous sentences in literature. It is the opening of Leo Tolstoy’s novel, Anna Karenina. It is also one of the reasons why it is so hard for organizations to manage toxic bosses. Each toxic boss […]

The Old Normal

Welcome to, a new online source of news and information for the meetings and events industry. Some of you may remember me as the former editor-in-chief of both Successful Meetings and Incentive magazines.

First Time Meeting Planner Guide

Step 1: Don’t Panic. Step 2: Follow this road map. Congratulations on being tasked with planning the next sales meeting! This is a great opportunity to showcase your organizational skills and creativity. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure that the meeting is a success: Pre-Meeting Planning The success of a meeting often […]