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Rhode Island brings its renowned cuisine around the country

Unbeknownst to most, quahogging or as some may call it, clamming, plays an integral role in Rhode Island – aiding in the growth of its $5 billion Blue Economy (the sustainable use of ocean resources to benefit economies). Recently one of the Ocean State’s most iconic seafood dishes, the stuffed clam, or as it’s locally known, the “stuffie,” played a pivotal role in promoting tourism to Rhode Island. All through Q4 of 2023 the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation – the official full-service, economic development organization for the state of Rhode Island brought the stuffie to key flight markets around the country. The roadshow also highlighted the unique, lesser known, yet delicious, cuisine offered in the Ocean State.

“Rhode Island boasts a diverse and award-winning culinary scene and many cultural and historical attractions,” said Governor Dan McKee. “By bringing a little bit of the Ocean State to our direct fly markets across the country, we were working to increase tourism to Rhode Island which in turn supports our small businesses and continues our economic momentum.”

Boasting nearly 400 miles of coastline, Rhode Island is known as ‘The Ocean State’ for a reason. The strategic location, port infrastructure, skilled labor and novel training programs make Rhode Island an ideal location for growing Blue Economy companies including aquaculture, seafood, and more. “Rhode Island Commerce Corporation was excited to provide an inside look at the state’s food scene and renowned history,” said Liz Tanner, Commerce Secretary. “Through our stuffie installations we were paying homage to Rhode Islanders who embody the business behind the state’s beloved seafood dishes and historic notoriety.”

As groups visit Rhode Island and develop a taste for stuffies, attendeess will be supporting the business behind the dish: the state’s shellfishers as well as environmental management. “The quahog is an awesome ambassador for Rhode Island and highlights our abundant and sustainable fishery in Narragansett Bay,” said Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Director Terry Gray. “This humble mollusk represents one of our most valuable commercial fisheries and a vital part of our history, culture, traditions, and families. Rhode Island Commerce Corporation has done a great job on this marketing campaign to further raise the profile of Rhode Island as a foodie destination by taking our favorite local clam recipe on the road and making it the star of the show to attract new consumers regionally and nationally.”

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