The Corporate Gift That Keeps On Giving

Meow Wolf launches an annual portal pass that grants recipients year-long access to its exhibits.

As corporate gift giving season begins in earnest, Meow Wolf is announcing the launch of an Annual Portal Pass which grants recipients perpetual access to Omega Mart in Las Vegas for an entire year, ensuring an endless journey through intricate art, delightful mysteries, mind-bending spaces, and unadulterated weirdness.

Meow Wolf is not your typical arts and entertainment company; they’re the creators of extraordinary, mind-bending art experiences that transport visitors into breathtaking realms of imagination and wonder. Meow Wolf is committed to engaging curious seekers through the magic of discovery and play. They are distinct in their collaboration with hundreds of visionary artists who infuse creativity into every Meow Wolf experience.

The Meow Wolf Annual Portal Pass unlocks one year of entry to inspiring immersive art exploration. Also included for passholders: discounts on food, drinks, merch, and additional tickets. Curious adventurers and art lovers alike can experience the kaleidoscopic epiphany of visiting the living, breathing worlds at different times of the year. If one visit to Omega Mart is transformative, imagine endless encores of interactive exploration. Organizations can give employees and clients the gift of unlimited access to Omega Marts.The Portal Pass costs $99, but for a limited time, will be available for 20% off!

Please note that each Portal Pass is only good for visiting one exhibition per year — the Portal Pass won’t work on multiple Meow Wolf locations. Meow Wolf offers customizable annual passes designed to cater to individuals, groups, or families. “The Annual Portal Pass is an affordable and convenient way for fans who can’t get enough Meow Wolf magic to visit with friends and family as much as they like,” said Jeff Lund, Meow Wolf Las Vegas General Manager.

Other exhibits available via the portal pass are:
The Real Unreal , an inspiring tale of creativity, community, and the power of imagination, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The exhibit is also set to open a new location in Houston in 2024.
Convergence Station in Denver, home to sprawling city streets, alien biomes and sentient mechanical devices.
House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, N.M., a winding maze of secret passages leading to cosmic vistas.

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