New Tool for Measuring Performance

Software measures the impact of HR, marketing, and other engagement efforts

Incentive managers and consultants in sales, customer service, and other areas involved with people engagement no longer need guess about the impact of their efforts. The People Value Impact Calculator (PVIC) from New York-based Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Minnesota-based compensation firm TM Evolution makes it easy for the C-suite and management overseeing all stakeholder groups to not only measure the ongoing impact of customer, employee, supply chain and distribution partner, and other engagement efforts, but to compare results with past performance and have reporting independently validated by a disinterested party using the organiztion’s own metrics, according to Bruce Bolger, EEA Founder.

The new tool measures the following metrics pertinent to incentive programs: 

Customer engagement versus revenues and profits

Employee engagement versus revenues

Other metrics could include: safety and wellness, further DEI analysis, distribution partner or supply chain analysis; more granular analysis of specific marketing, human resources, or other initiatives.

A single-license platform is included in the EEA membership program for Enterprise and Engagement Solution Providers at $1,500 per year, with a one-time $300 setup and customization fee, including a complete training program for stakeholder management implementation. This includes a meeting to determine the specific template you would like to use to track the information relative to you and provide basic training on how to use the platform. Additional analysis is available for an additional fee, as well as multi-division or multi-company licenses. Licenses are also available to non-members, the EEA says, as well as to management consulting and related firms that wish to use their own branded version of platform to support the impact of their own proprietary or other frameworks. 

Explains Bolger, “A key advantage of the platform is to enable solution providers and/or organizations to have their conclusions easily audited for independent validation. Each solution provider has a legitimate and often unique approach to achieve purpose, goals, and objectives, and even the research tools to validate it, but it helps to have credible third-party validation using a transparent platform.” 

For a recorded demo, click here. In 30 minutes, Bolger and Hanson provide an overview and background; the types of stakeholder management and metrics that can be evaluated and the template used to upload it; an example of a company with data on the C-suite, customers, employees, and supply chain partners, the process for generating a report correlating different types of data, and a series of saved reports. 

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