New Platform Vetts Audience Questions

GlobalMeet launches a system to keep Q&A segments on track.

The most effective virtual events from brands prioritize audience participation. However, selecting audience members on the fly can backfire. How do you ensure that the guests chosen are vetted properly to protect the integrity of a brand and event, and at best enhance its intended messaging?
To solve this problem, GlobalMeet, a leader in digital conferencing technology, today launches Centerstage, a new managed feature system for virtually handling guest speakers. With GlobalMeet’s production service, pre-selected audience members can be promoted to the main stage from within a controlled “backstage” greenroom environment, overseen by an experienced event producer.
This new feature allows brands to remain in control of the messaging behind their events and minimize risk while delivering a seamless experience that gives a more active and collaborative role to audience members.

“GlobalMeet prioritizes eliminating friction throughout every aspect of a virtual event for the best possible experience, and this new professional service feature elevates audience engagement to new heights,” said GlobalMeet President Michele Dobnikar. “Audience collaboration and brand perception are crucial for a virtual event’s success. Our expert operators now have the power to provide that participation smoothly, allowing special guests to provide their thoughts during a live event to add context to a discussed topic or to simply ask questions and have them answered live.” 
Event hosts can incorporate guests into a meeting following a vetting process, catching any potential audio or video issues, empty chair no-shows or disruptive guests before they reach the main stage. Clients remain in control of their meetings, minimizing the risk of bad surprises or events gone wrong while giving a more active voice to audience members and a more empowered sense of connection and collaboration – shining a spotlight on the audience, not just the presenters. Allowing for increased engagement while keeping unexpected disruptions at bay means an event is set up for success.

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Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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