Dos and Don’ts Of White Water Rafting

It’s an unforgettable group experience — if you prepare your attendees in advance

While exhilarating, white water rafting does come with inherent risks. Rivers are unpredictable, strong currents and rapids can overturn a raft, underwater obstacles like rocks and logs can cause injuries, and there’s always just good old fashioned human error. So if you do offer this as an incentive or as a pre- or post- add on to a meeting, make sure you give your attendees this essential list of dos and don’ts:


Listen to the guide. They are the experts in navigating the river and will keep you safe. Pay attention to their instructions on paddling techniques, safety procedures, and what to do if you fall out of the raft.
Wear a life jacket and helmet properly. These are essential safety gear that can save a life in case someone falls overboard. Make sure attendees life jackets are snug but comfortable and that their helmets fit securely.
Dress appropriately. Wear clothes that can weather getting wet, such as synthetic fabrics that dry quickly. Avoid cotton, which will stay wet and cold. Wear shoes that provide good traction on wet surfaces, such as water shoes or sandals with straps.
Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. The group will be spending a lot of time in the sun, so they’ll need to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.
Have attendees drink plenty of water before, during, and after the trip. Dehydration can be a serious risk in hot weather.
Prepare your attendees to get wet. White-water rafting is a wet activity, so they can’t be afraid to get splashed!
Have fun! White-water rafting is an exciting adventure. Tell them to relax, enjoy the ride, and take in the scenery.


Don’t panic if someone falls out of the raft. Instruct the group that if they you do fall out, to stay calm and float on their backs. The life jacket will keep them afloat, and the guide will help them get back into the raft.
Don’t stand up in the raft. This can make the raft unstable and increase your chances of falling out.
Don’t lean over the edge of the raft. This can also make the raft unstable.
Don’t bring anything valuable. There’s a chance attendees could lose things overboard, so leave valuables at home.
Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs before or during the trip. Both can impair judgment and increase the risk of accidents.
Don’t litter. Respect the environment and pack out all of your group’s trash.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can ensure that your group has a safe and enjoyable white-water rafting experience.

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Photo by Jackalope West on Unsplash

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