Bizzabo Updates Klik Experiential’s SmartBadge™ Offerings

Bizzabo releases The Edge SmartBadge™ and a new standalone option for event professionals: Klik à la Carte

Tens of thousands of conference attendees worldwide have worn Klik SmartBadges since their launch in 2022. Klik has powered nearly 1 million contact exchanges and facilitated 65,000 digital content downloads at events.

Building upon the success of the original SmartBadge, The Edge is a new lightweight, versatile badge with built-in wearable technology that offers enhanced event branding opportunities with unparalleled data collection, engagement, and networking opportunities.

One of the most noticeable upgrades is in the badge itself. The original SmartBadge featured a sleeve design with wearable tech on the front of the badge.

The Edge is die-cut and made out of ABS plastic, which is more durable and environmentally friendly. In addition, The Edge design makes it easier to refurbish the wearable tech, improving overall sustainability.

The wearable hardware device has been moved to the back of The Edge badge, leaving a small pill-shaped cutout on the front that glows with every interaction. This gives event organizers more space for unique branding on the front and back of the badge.

“The Edge is a true next-generation SmartBadge — one we built based on feedback from our customers and their event attendees. Customization and flexibility are key, and The Edge delivers that while continuing to improve the attendee experience and capturing rich, real-time behavioral insights,” said Eran Ben-Shushan CEO and Cofounder of Bizzabo.

In another development, Klik à la Carte expands compatibility to any registration system. Klik Experiential delivers a next-level, data-rich experience for attendees, sponsors, and organizers alike. Klik has powered flagship events for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Adobe, Shopify, Forbes, PwC, and Deloitte.

Klik à la Carte delivers top-tier interconnectivity, allowing event professionals to easily use Klik SmartBadges, the Klik Exhibitor App, and the Klik Analytics Dashboard at every in-person conference.

“Now more than ever, our mandate is to empower our customers to design better, more intentional in-person event experiences that foster community and drive business outcomes. This is why we’re launching Klik à la Carte — to make this cutting-edge technology more accessible to event organizers and agencies alike,” said Alon Alroy, CMO and Cofounder of Bizzabo.

Klik à la Carte can be purchased separately or as part of Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS. It can be integrated into any event registration system, with full support from Bizzabo’s team of onsite experts.

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