And The Award Goes To…

Some of the items in the “swag” bag at the Oscars this year are well within the in-room gift budgets for incentive programs

Think you can’t reward your incentive qualifiers as if they were Hollywood movie stars? Think again. Not all the items in the “Everyone Wins” gift bag the top stars get for showing up at the Oscars cost big bucks. Estimates for the total price tag of the items this year is ranging between $125k to $180k. But that doesn’t mean everything in the bag is off-limits to meetings and incentive planners. According to Lash Fary, Founder, Distinctive Assets, the LA-based entertainment marketing company that produces the bags the price tag isn’t the point of many of the items. “While this gift bag does, as always, have an impressive six-figure value, that is neither our focus nor goal,” says Fary. “Just as any A-list actor doesn’t ‘need’ millions of dollars to walk onto a film set, these gifts are given based on the invaluable stardust these nominees can bestow upon a brand.”

Here are some of the items all the nominated directors and actors will be receiving Sunday evening, win or lose that are affordable enough to consider as in-room gifts on your next incentive program.

Antigua Cruz Anejo Cristalino Tequila: $60

This 100% agave tequila is aged for over three years, then filtered to make a clear spirit that’s equally refreshing and nuanced. Find it here.

BlendQuik Portable Blender: $80

This versatile portable blender uses 10 blades to make homemade smoothies in this mason jar-style tumbler. Find it here.

Élevé Sparkling Water: $16

This adaptogen-infused sparkling water is lightly carbonated for a more delicate drinking experience and flavored with organic fruit and plant extracts. Find it here.

Fetcha Chocolates Awards Collection: $52

Scottish chocolatier Fetcha Chocolates makes all vegan, allergen-free treats. The nominees this year are receiving 24 truffles inspired by each of the films up for awards—think pink hearts for Barbie and popping candy for Oppenheimer. Find it here.

Posh Pretzels: $16

This is the fifth year that Posh Pretzels has made an appearance in the Oscar gift bag. For this year’s ceremony, nominees are receiving a gold accordion gift box with pink and gold pretzels. Find it here.

Windy City Sweets Licorice Assortment: $14

Chicago-based shop Windy City Sweets is gifting nominees an assortment of black licorice from around the world. The exact mix isn’t available on their website, but you can explore many of their offerings online. Find it here.

Travel Experiences

This year there are vouchers for travel experiences in the gift bag. They are pricy though and out of range for group incentives. But as the top award in a tiered incentive program for just one recipient, maybe some programs would have a shot at using them. Here are a few that might be within reach as a single award for a top performer:

The Golden Door Spa: $10,000

This is a one-week holistic wellness retreat at the Golden Door Spa. Just outside San Diego, this is one of the most exclusive spa retreats in the world. Find it here.

Faro Punta Imperatore Lighthouse: $9,000

A three-night stay at the Faro Punta Imperatore Lighthouse in Ischia, Italy. Find it here.

St. Barts: $5,000-$9,000

St. Barts is more expensive than many other Caribbean islands, but depending on the property you choose it can be the most affordable of the three options. Find it here.

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