AI Bootcamp for Meeting Planners

Reposite and MPI Academy Collaborate to Launch an AI Certificate for Event Planners

Reposite, an AI-powered meeting and event planning tool, is excited to announce a collaboration with MPI Academy, an in-person, on-demand and streaming education platform offered by Meeting Professionals International (MPI), to introduce the highly anticipated “AI-Enhanced Event Professional certificate.” This program aims to equip event professionals with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to harness the transformative power of AI for creating meaningful and immersive event experiences.

“Staying at the forefront of industry innovation is not just an option; it’s a necessity,” said Jessie States, CMP, CMM, Vice President of MPI Academy. “This certificate offers a roadmap to navigate the future of event planning. Join this groundbreaking journey, where knowledge meets innovation, and event professionals are equipped to shape extraordinary experiences with help from the power of artificial intelligence.”

What the AI-Enhanced Event Professional certificate offers:

Comprehensive AI Expertise: This program provides a deep dive into AI best practices and demonstrates their applications within the meeting and event industry, offering participants a holistic understanding of how AI can revolutionize their event planning, supplier sourcing and overall workflow.

Hands-On Learning: Attendees will gain practical, real-world experience through interactive modules and workshops, ensuring they can effectively implement AI solutions to enhance event experiences.

Industry-Leading Instructors: The certificate features expert guidance and insights from Reposite Co-founder, Alexa Berube, ensuring that participants receive top-tier instruction to apply new knowledge to their everyday planning activities.

Networking Opportunities: The program fosters connections amongst event professionals, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry.

Curriculum Outline

In this comprehensive certificate program, participants will acquire a strong foundation in AI and its relevance to the events industry. By program completion, participants will possess the skills to describe fundamental AI concepts, identify opportunities for AI integration in event design, employ AI tools and technologies for enhanced event planning, strategize for personalized attendee experiences through AI, analyze data-driven insights for event improvement, and apply AI to a real-world event design case study.

The program is structured into six modules, starting with an introduction to AI in events and ethical considerations. It then progresses to practical applications of AI tools, personalization and engagement using AI, data analysis for data-driven decisions, and culminates with a hands-on case study, where participants collaborate in groups to enhance an event using AI. The program concludes with final presentations, providing an opportunity to showcase practical AI applications and engage in group discussions.

As the meeting and event industry embraces the power of AI, the AI-Enhanced Event Professional certificate provides a transformative opportunity for event professionals to remain competitive and innovative. AI’s role in redefining event planning is undeniable, and this certificate empowers professionals to leverage AI’s full potential.

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Photo credit: Photo by Igor Omilaev on Unsplash

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