A Toast to the Future

Cocktails inspired by tomorrow’s hottest technology and business trends from cryptocurrency to Web 3.0? We’ll drink to that!

Perfect for any festive networking function during the course of an event, this is a fun and futuristic way to get attendees talking. Like the many new fun and forward-thinking innovations that they reflect, this cocktail recipe guide’s selection of future-ready aperitifs are well-worth keeping on the tip of your attendees tongues going forward!

Designed by Scott Steinberg, award-winning futurist keynote speaker and consultant for over 1,500 brands, and Jeanette Hurt, author of Drink Like a Woman, FutureProof Strategies: The Futurist Consulting Company™ offers Cheers to the Future! – a free, downloadable recipe guide featuring drinks based on emerging trends such as NFTs, cybersecurity, virtual reality, and more!

Fans of fine beverages and disruptive innovation alike to raise a glass and celebrate the future’s hottest new trends. Inside, you’ll find an exclusively-curated selection of original drinks that anyone can make and enjoy at home on-demand.

Here are a couple of samples of what’s available:

Malware Destroyer will have Tequila fans on constant red alert.

Seeing Green will make sustainability a good time as well as being good business.

Any thoughts, opinions, or news? Please share them with me at vince@meetingsevents.com.

Opening Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash

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